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Super sanitary filters
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Within the food and pharma industries the process equipment is subject to a high hygienic level.



Valuable powder is typically separated in a process filter, under the obligation that the product quality is not affected by the filter operation. Sanitary filters are manufactured in stainless steel, meeting strict requirements for surface finish and filter design. The job is often to handle hygroscopic and sticky products, requiring special attention to temperature control and powder discharge.
Extra Equipment: The fluid bottom is applied for emptying of collected powder from the filter. Pre-heated transport air is blown through a perforated cone into the powder zone, thus fluidízing the powder. The flow direction as well as the slope of the cone leads the fluidized powder to the central outlet. Depending on application and type of powder the pressure drop across the fluid bottom reads 1200-2000 Pa.

Special features:
Simatek gennemsigtig The fluid bottom is available in a USDA approved design acc. to the 3A standard
Simatek   Fluid bottom with integrated spray ball for cleaning of the clean-air section
Simatek   Hot cleaning air (= minimum cooling of filter bags during cleaning/no condensation)
Simatek   Short retention time of powder in the filter, if required
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SimPulse 3CX-CIP filters have been certified by the 3-A Sanitary Standards, Incorporated to comply fully with the 3-A Sanitary Standards for bag Collectors Number 40-03.

The 3CX-CIP filter series comprises a complete range of filters in different sizes, each of which equipped with fully automatic CIP of the filter chamber and the clean-air chamber as well as the filter bags.

So far, the SimPulse 3CX-CIP is the only filter design in the world holding this certification providing assurance of hygienic equipment design.

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