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process filters.
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Process filters
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The process gas filtration and powder recovery constitutes an essential part of Simatek's filter program throughout the past 25 years. Over the years the filter technology has continuously been developed and adapted further, in order to achieve an optimum integration of Simatek's pulse-jet cleaned bag filters in process plants leaving out any undesirable influence on the very production process.



First of all emission requirements are to be met, and for process filters also the question about product quality and powder contamination is essential. The process filters are available in different categories, ranging from industrial filters over sanitary to supersanitary filters with integrated wet cleaning (CIP - Cleaning In Place). The process filters are divided into three categories; Police Filter in industrial execution for collection of waste/
contaminated product after a pre-separator.
Sanitary filter in sanitary execution for collection of reusable product after a pre separator. Option • 3-A design. Total Separator in sanitary execution with CIP (Cleaning in Place) for collection of valuable/uncontaminated product.Option • 3-A design. Simatek process filters are based on the unique cylindrical and explosion-proof pulse-jet bag filters type SimPulse 3C cleaning the filter bags individually one by one, and the SimPact 4T filters cleaning the filter bags in rows.e also supply accessories such as air heating units, sanitary rotary valves, heating jackets, explosion revention and fans.

Special features:
Simatek gennemsigtig 100% powder utilisation
Simatek   Compact design and small footprint
Simatek   Low energy consumption
Simatek   Low pressure drop
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Wet cleaning system (Cleaning in place) to prevent bacterial growth as well as product contamination.
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